1. Is there a fixed price list for the products?

Thank you for your interest in our products we hope we meet your requirements, there is no fixed price list for the products because the prices are always fluctuating due to insatiability of the prices of the raw materials in the different markets. There are also several factors governing the price such as the product type, material, color, titre, order quantity, etc., so all you have to do is to contact the head office and they will study your requirements and give you a satisfying price.

2. Do you have ready products in stock or do you produce by order and what is the minimum ordering quantity?

This depends upon the type of product, some products are produced regularly and are always ready in stock, but in case of special requirements (color, design, quantity, etc.) we shall make a special order. Regarding the minimum ordering quantity, it also depends upon the type of product. Also there is no minimum ordering quantity but the more the quantity ordered, the more the bulk discount.

3. Do you produce woven fabric?

Unfortunately, currently we are specialized in knitted fabrics and we are focusing on improving the quality and decreasing the price.

4. Are there any constrains upon the type or design of the knitted fabrics?

Midani is equipped with a wide range of knitting machines that cover almost all the types and designs of knitted fabrics.

5. How shall I be your agent from my country?

You are welcome to be our trading agent who gets commission based on how much order you find for us, but first you must contact the head office to discuss this issue.


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