MIDANI Co. for Man-Made Fibers, for the production of dope dyed polyester filament yarn

Middle East Co. for Textiles, for knitting, dying, printing and finishing of fabrics

EL-MIDANI Co. for Spinning and Weaving Industries, for the production of Acrylic spun yarn


Dope Dyed Polyester FDY/DTY

MIDANI Group for Textiles is one of the leading names in the field of textiles in Egypt, first established in 1960, producing only knitted fabrics, and then developed in few years to produce dyed and printed fabrics. 1990 was a turning point for "Middle East co. for Textiles" as it started the production of Polyester DTY, to be a pioneer in this industry in Egypt. To complete the journey of success, another plant was established on 1995, "EL MIDANI Co. for Spinning and Weaving" which was the normal development for MIDANI Group, as it produced acrylic yarn from Acrylic tow, to get straight to the top in this industry...

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